Delivering The Best Healthcare Experience™

The healthcare industry is transitioning to value-based reimbursements. While forward-thinking organizations have already included the patient experience in their strategic planning process, mandated measurement and a direct impact on profitability will move the initiative to the forefront.

BHE™ Patient Experience Surveys

Xperience provides flexible options to meet CAHPS requirements, but we also go deeper. Our Best Healthcare Experience™ incorporates additional questions and deeper analysis to clarify underlying issues and provide concise improvement road maps. 

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Healthcare Employee Survey

Employee satisfaction is one indicator of organizational health. Satisfied employees are engaged and committed. However, they need to be engaged in, and committed to, doing the right things and heading toward common goals. That is alignment. An employee survey should measure both satisfaction and alignment. 

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Physician surveys assess the key drivers of engagement and alignment among physicians along a variety of dimensions. As with our other products and services, Xperience staff surveys are customizable and flexible allowing the organization to capture perceptions across specialties and work environments. 

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Exit Surveys

The patient experience includes all touch points - including post-discharge and emergency department release. Xperience offers a thoughtful and sensitive survey approach that provides real-time patient experience information in an exit survey. This information provides management the information they need to make improvements to key processes.

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